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четверг, 14 марта 2013 г.

Oh no, she didn't

Ok, I must confess - I looove Clinton and Stacy) 'What not to wear' was the main reason for me to change my wardrobe. Yes, I was the one, mom of 2 kids, wearing  clothes from junior departments, those to 'rhyme with Blabercombie &Flitch, Kollister and Shmamerican Beagle'! Yes, Clinton you're right, I've experienced my first menstruation more than 10 years ago, I can legally order a Long island Iced tea on Long Island and when I was a kid I did have to get off the couch to change the TV channels! Thank God, at least nobody calls me ma'am, I'm only 25 after all:) It's time to move on. Thank you, Clinton and Stacy.

Some of 'no-no's were a great discovery for me, like matching jewelry. I always thought your earrings and necklace should match, but according to Clinton it's a no-no. I love Clinton too much to argue with that. By the way, what's up with this bubble necklace every fashion blogger wears? I see it so often I'm already dizzy.

 It reminds me of that 'trend' we had in middle school when I was living in Marocco - every girl at school had a pendant with a dolphin on a globe shaped stone! I have nothing against this bubble necklace  but I won't buy it for sure:)

P.S. Ha! I even managed to find this creepy dolphin on Etsy!

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