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среда, 17 апреля 2013 г.

April shopping

It's been a long time since my last post. Well, the main reason was Sasha's 5th Birthday. That took some time.

Few words about my april shopping list. I was thinking of buying a couple of blouses - one mire like a casual type and one - sort of business casual. But I ended up buying a pretty dress and a navy blue v-neck silk blouse from GAP. I couldn't find any photos of my blouse from the internet. GAP in Russia is always a season late, you know. That means when you, ladies, have a summer collection - we have a spring collection:) But here's the dress I've bought:

I didn't like it on a hanger but I was really in a mood to try something new - so I've tried this on and it was so adorable. At first, I tried S, but it was a bit larger than I've expected, so I had to try XS and it fitted perfectly! A have a really nice blue bag from ModCloth which will look great with this dress. The only thing I need - is a pair of shoes. I'm thinking of buying a pair of brown sandals for this dress.

So, my shopping list for May will be:

White pants
Blazer. Not sure what color to choose, probably navy or coral:

Brown sandals or wedges

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