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вторник, 12 марта 2013 г.

Go Chic or Go Home

As I told before, I've been reading a couple of fashion blogs for a while and noticed everyone mentioning GCOGH. I've created an account and started to take pictures of my wardrobe. Well... I still have 3 or 4 pieces to shoot but I can tell for sure - I need more clothes and how!

You can check the items from my wardrobe here

Ok, so as far as I'm using it I managed to figure it out what  items to buy next:

1. Striped top.  A Must-have! It will look great with every denim I have and with blue cropped pants. This one is from LOFT. It's too expensive for me, but you can find a similar one in every store.

2. Lace tee. This one can be found here. Too much money for me, I'll try to find something looking as great but for less money;)
Also here and here
3.  And skinny jeans to replace my old pair of jeans, similar here and here

Some big plans for next shopping. I'll share my result later!

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