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воскресенье, 17 марта 2013 г.

March shopping - results

Ok, it didn't turned out as I've planned. I didn't buy a stripped top - mostly because it makes me shorter and wider. I also could't find a nice lace top (I found it after I've spent my shopping budget - so, it's still on a list for April shopping). However, I did buy a pair of dark wash straight jeans from GAP. It fits perfectly!
I also bought a grey V-neck cardigan form GAP and 3 basic T-shirts 'cause they had this 3 for the price of 2 thing. I ended up with such a pick mostly because of Clinton's advice - when your on tight budget - spend 75% of it on basics and classics and only 25% on fashion stuff.

The biggest news are - after almost 4 years of growing my hair and being disapointed with the way it looks I finally got back to the hairstyle which never let me down - bob!

By the way, speaking of the hair... I bought this pink babe:

It really works! I tried it out when I had my long hair - and it was awsome. Usually I had like a huge hairball left on my comb, but with this pink lady - like 1-2 single hair. Now I can easily brush my hair when it's wet which is great for me  'cause I wash my hair just before going to bed.

Now I want this pocket one with my favorite cartoon sheep on it:

My daughter Sasha also liked it - no tears=happy Sasha

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