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среда, 20 марта 2013 г.

Real estate in Russia

Ok, first of all when I'm speaking about Russia - I'm referring to Moscow, because in most of our towns people live below the poverty line.

Most of us live in tiny 2 or 3 room apartments - you know, you can say a lot of bad things about Soviets but what they did great - they gave these apartments almost for free. For example, if you were a single mother with a female kid the government gave you 1 room apartment, but if you were a single mother with a male kid - they gave you a 2 room apartment. Any person could buy an apartment after 5 years working at the factory. That's it. No credits. No loans.

But in modern 'free and democratic' Russia it's almost impossible to buy an appartment. I mean, I know some people who managed to do so, but you really can't earn so much money by fair means. So, most of the youth lives with their parents or even grandparents, or if it's worst case - you can find 3 or 4 generations of Russian people living together in 2 room apartment. Believe me, it's really, I mean - REALLY common scenario.

We got lucky, we live in an apartment received by Lesha's grandmother by her factory almost 30 years ago. She got it when they've already bought their own 2 room apartment, so she gave it to the newly-weds - Lesha's parents. Then, about 7 years ago, Lesha's parents bought a new 2 room apartments and moved out from this one. So, almost 6 years ago, we moved in. Yes, there are 4 of us now and we do share ONE single room. Here's some photos of our apartment:
1. Bath
2. Kitchen
3. Living room/kids room/Bedroom from different angles

Yes, it's only one room for 4 people)

You know how much does it cost? Here a 1 room apartment from our house, same layout as ours. Don't be freaked out by the 'design' - it's common here - people are driving business class cars or even luxary cars and live in such a mess) It's 242 633 $!!! here are some fotos

Here's a 1 room apartment just for 203 590 $. Just look at that kitchen and bath and feel free to throw up

So, what do you think about it? Nice, ha?))

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